In Memoriam

A Tribute To Roseanne L. Skinner (1981-2016)

Graphic Designer 2008-2016

Roseanne Always Had A Smile And A Gift For Brightening The Darkest Day.

A joy to work with, Rosanne went out of her way to make the days better for her colleagues. She was very supportive, helping to think through the best way to get the job done. Roseanne was patient and kind. She would always listen to the woes and needs shared with her. She gave advice at the right times, but not when it wasn’t wanted.

She Made People Feel At Ease, And That They Mattered.

For company dinners, holidays, and special events, Roseanne would always make something special. She was a terrific cook and enjoyed sharing her baked goods with the office. Her sweet disposition was sensitive to people’s stress and she took great care not to cause further distress. Customers felt taken care of and at ease with Roseanne.

Roseanne Went Above And Beyond To Deliver A Job Well-Done.

As a fellow employee she was wonderful – easy to work with, a great designer, and she knew a lot about what she was doing and how the company worked. Roseanne truly loved what she did and she was good at it. Roseanne cared about how a sign looked and she had integrity in her work. Her sweet demeanor set a good working environment for customers and colleagues alike. She always bent over backwards to make others’ jobs easier.

She Was The Definition Of A Hard Worker.

A lot of Roseanne’s bright and cheery personality showed through in her signs. When she first started in 2008, she was quiet and really gained her voice over time. She worked with all her heart. Known by all as a hard worker with a great attitude, she enjoyed new challenges and the hustle and bustle of full-scale sign production. She had the personality to thrive in the organized chaos that is the sign industry. She was sensitive to people’s feelings, always a team player, and enjoyed helping people out. Roseanne was a great part of the team.

She Was On Everybody’s Side.

Roseanne was a great listener. A sweet woman, she served as an easy go-to for support. She validated feelings, never judging. When she worked with close colleagues on tight turn-around times or challenging projects, she would always help sort out the tasks so everyone felt better about them. She’d say things like, “We’ll get through it,” and “We’ll be alright,” but especially, “We can do this.” Roseanne genuinely connected with all her colleagues. Every holiday she would bring gifts for everyone, never playing favorites. Often, she baked to give a sweet boost to the office atmosphere.

“She Was The Kind Of Friend I Wish I Could Be To Everybody.”

Roseanne went beyond the call of duty as a colleague and a friend. She worked late and got the job done with a smile on her face and lightness in her attitude. Roseanne had a knack for kindness and shared easily. She joked a lot and connected with colleagues over their common interests, including music, movies, and weight loss. Roseanne would lift the spirits of a colleague having a bad day with a joke or kind word.

Roseanne’s Determination Was Encouraging And Inspiring.

Roseanne was committed to weight loss and exercised with great discipline. She supported colleagues who shared in her commitment to improving health. She even motivated the Eddie Edwards Signs team to do a 5k. A complement to Roseanne’s exceptional work ethic, she was always making new friends and taking new adventures. For someone who worked such long hours, she traveled more than most. Her determination to live life fully was inspiring. Colleagues expressed their joy and admiration at watching her progress and seeing how far she had come. Roseanne had found her inner voice through her weight loss effort.

Sadness Is Not Always To Be Attached To Our Memories Of Roseanne.

Roseanne was a great friend, a hard worker, a caring and helpful colleague, and a beloved member of the Eddie Edwards Signs Team. She offered consistent encouragement, and was kind and sweet, living her life to the fullest. We honor her character, her free spirit and sense of adventure. Roseanne is missed, and our warm memories of her keep us connected to the life she loved to live.