“In order to be a step ahead and be more creative for our customers, we chose a sign that makes people want to look. Clarity makes a difference. Now, it is so easy to automatically get the word out about a special event, acknowledge a teacher or a student or the latest DQ Deal. We are able, in an instant, to connect to our customers. The message board is easy to personalize and Eddie Edwards Signs has been consistent in their guidance and follow-up. When it comes to quality signage like ours, the benefits far outweigh the costs!”

“We wanted the latest technology and looked at various quotes including one from a national church sign supplier. Curtis Joiner was very helpful by working with our quote differences, educating us and using his team to give us drawings to help us with our own conclusion. We preferred the idea of doing business locally and Eddie Edwards worked with us so well that we felt right about our decision even though it cost more.  We had a really good experience, all the way around, and ended up with the sign we love. We were pleased with the people on site and the training too. We enjoy the capability and are now addicted to our Watchfire Sign”

“When we studied converting our lighting to LED, an energy audit confirmed what we could expect from annual savings in energy costs. We began upgrading at our main branch and liked that Eddie Edwards Signs had experience with LED exterior lighting and would do the project in a turnkey manner. We were pleased at how the project went smoothly and can see how much better LED lighting is. It’s a cleaner, brighter white light.”

“When they started pulling the letters off the Port Republic Road building, we weren’t sure what was next but we didn’t have to worry. Curtis Joiner designed a nice way to mount it and made it look brand new. The colors are exactly how the logo was designed. The sign is so visible, you can see it from Carlton Street.”

“The WVPT sign is perfect and a crowning achievement. It adds a really nice punch to the building. It sets the tone and goes so well, it is almost too good to be true.”

“Eddie Edwards Signs went beyond the call of duty providing a solution to the problem they did not create. We have ended up with a crisp and clear sign along with a relationship that is a great asset to have. You really do get what you pay for.”

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