We Make Indoor Signs Impressive.

Indoor signs direct the flow of your business space. To maximize that flow, the right directional signs are easy to read and ADA compliant. Eddie Edwards Signs has extensive experience designing, manufacturing, and locating indoor signs to both extend your brand and provide accurate directions. We offer an array of indoor signs, including:

Carry Your Brand Into Your Physical Space With Customization.

Our in-house designers and manufacturing gives you the advantage of extending your brand with customized signage. We work with you on-site to determine the size and placement to maximize functionality while complementing your look. We can customize shapes, sizes, and style, from simple and utilitarian to upscale and sophisticated. Your budget guides your options through various price points we offer to make sure there is a good value for you. Our design specialists have a working knowledge of ADA regulations to ensure your indoor signs are compliant as well as functional and attractive.

Our Easy Installation Let’s You Get Right To Work.  

We provide the on-site labor to install all your indoor signs properly and in a timely manner. You get on with what you do best and leave the indoor sign installation to Eddie Edwards Signs, your full-service Harrisonburg sign company.

Meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards With Style.

ADA regulations make your building accessible to your customers. We have expertise with creating indoor signs that meet ADA compliance. Navigating the regulations to determine the right approach for your signs is part of our commitment to getting your signs done right and on budget.

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