Eddie Edwards Signs Makes Custom Information Signs To Reflect Your Brand.

Directories and recognition boards, such as award boards or Accident Free Days, are part of your brand. Functional and sophisticated, we offer information signs that can be illuminated or non-illuminated in customizable color options, sizes, and shapes. Our in-house designers work with you to understand your brand and the purpose of the information sign in order to create the ideal sign solution to represent you. Your options are vast and we offer expert guidance to make the design process enjoyable and productive.

Enjoy Expert Design For Informational Signs to Fit Your Exact Application.

The location and purpose of your informational sign directs the type of sign that will work best. We design and manufacture such information signs as pedestal directories and electronic changeable mechanical signs. Informational signs are not limited to traditional styles, either. To complement a larger space, we can integrate information into scenes on posters or within portraits. We also offer interior signs that are customized to a specific brand or industry, such as wall stripes for convenient stores, and murals or signs that extend a brand outside the regular walls of the building.

In-House Fabrication Delivers A Quality Product Quickly.

Our in-house designers coordinate with our production technicians to provide you with a timely and high quality informational sign product. We are the local industry leaders in sign manufacturing, serving the Valley since 1952.

Proper Installation Increases Informational Sign Longevity To Maximize Your Investment.

As a full-service Harrisonburg sign company, Eddie Edwards Signs maintains the proper equipment and trains our technicians in the correct methods for installation. An expert installation means your information sign will stay in place and function properly for years to come. With extended use, we offer maintenance to ensure maximum functionality.

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