Gain Greater Flexibility With Dynamic Messaging In An Electronic Message Signs.

Since our start in 1952, Eddie Edwards Signs has been about invention. We’ve watched technology take off in the 21st century and consistently update our technology and practices to stay current and be industry leaders in our area. Video and text are no longer just reserved for television and stadiums. Dynamic messaging is found in more and more businesses each day.

Cornerstone Church Outdoor Electric Sign

One Size Doesn’t Fit All And We Design To Your Specific Needs.

We start the design process with your needs. We come on-site to see exactly what you need. Legibility is critical to the success of your electronic message signs, and our expertise delivers clarity, visibility, and crispness in regard to the distance and travel speed of your customers riding by. Your sign solution is driven by what you’re trying to communicate and your business location. For businesses that are ready for a multiple sign solution, we can incorporate electric signage options into your sign package.

Support Your Marketing With Customized, Changing Messages.

We bring expertise and technology to your solution to offer a wide range of options and additional services that add to the integrity of your electronic message sign. We’ve learned that customization is the key. When you have the right equipment to convey your brand in new ways, you can tailor your message to an individual customer or service in a way you can’t with only static signage. You get to develop a unique and personal relationship with your customer.

Warranties Give Peace Of Mind For Your Investment.

Eddie Edwards uses leading American made products that give you 5-year product warranties for peace of mind. To cover workmanship, Eddie Edwards Signs also offers labor warranties. As electronic sign centers become more widely used, they are becoming more affordable. Eddie Edwards Signs offers payment options to help you make the most of the sign package that works best for you.

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