Expect Quality and Expertise in Your Custom Signs With Eddie Edwards Signs.

Your business influences with images, and Eddie Edwards Signs helps you reach your graphical goals in a timely and efficient manner. Expect quality and value in a well-honed custom sign process that takes you from concept to design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance. Your timeline benefits from on-site design and manufacturing, understanding sign regulations and expertise in handling permitting. We guide you from start to finish and offer maintenance plans for upkeep.

Communicate Your Message With Innovative And Unique Custom Sign Designs From The Experts.

Since 1952 Eddie Edwards Signs has been manufacturing and installing custom signs in Harrisonburg for the Shenandoah Valley, West Virginia, and Maryland. Over the years we have changed our style and designs to fit the times as we grow in our expertise at making your custom sign vision a reality. Working with your needs, goals, and space in mind, we take pride in helping you find the right way to communicate your message with custom signs. We offer:

Look Sharp With State-of-the-Art Printing On A Variety of Formats And Sizes.

Industry leading techniques and printers mean functional signs in a fraction of the time and at a competitive cost. We print from small to large and even jumbo signs to fit your needs.

Color Customization Expands Your Brand With Precision.

With on-site fabrication and a dust-free paint booth, we are able to produce variations of almost any color to match your specific brand and aesthetic.

Workmanship And Manufacturing Warranties Offer Peace Of Mind.

Eddie Edwards Signs stands behind their work and have been here since 1952 and will be here for years to come. Our custom signs stand the test of time as reliable, durable, and functional parts of your business. Rest assured with our workmanship and manufacturing warranties.

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