Enhance Your Outdoor Space With Expertly Installed Flagpoles.

National and regional pride abound when you have a full-sized flagpole to show your patriotic spirit. From finding the right place to locate your flagpole to selecting the appropriate size and materials to expert installation, Eddie Edwards Signs is ready to meet your flagpole needs. We have been offering flagpole installation for years and have the labor force and equipment to make it a smooth and secure job.

Choose From A Wide Selection Of Flagpoles To Meet Your Needs.

We offer a range of flagpole sizes and materials to complement your landscaping and architecture. To maximize your investment, our flagpole technicians consider location of placement and our Shenandoah Valley climate as factors that impact the longevity of their flagpole. We offer on-site assistance in determining the appropriate size for your flagpole and give you a selection of flagpoles to choose from. Flagpole materials are chosen for their durability and weather-resistance.

Rely On Flagpole Installation From Expert Technicians With Proper Equipment.

The safe delivery and proper installation of your flagpole is a priority at Eddie Edwards Signs. We have the vehicles to transport your flagpole to its destination and the equipment to install the flagpole safely and securely. Expert installation ensures the function and security of your flagpole as well as safeguards your home or building from damage. Safety of not only the installers, but also your family, customers, or passersby, is key during delivery and installation, and also throughout the life of the flagpole.

Protect Your Investment With Flagpole Maintenance.

Low maintenance as flagpoles are, you can extend their functionality with proper maintenance. Eddie Edwards Signs offers on-demand maintenance for your flagpole, such as re-stringing the line or replacing a truck.

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