From Small Malfunctions To Whole-Sign Issues, Eddie Edwards Signs Has You Covered.

Our repair technicians have years of experience working with sign repair from one light bulb out or chipping paint to complete mechanical failure and storm damage. Whether your sign is nicked or mangled, we can help. We deploy technician crews daily to address ailing signs and restore them to their former glory and functionality. We come to you to determine the issue and find a resolution that suits your needs in a timely manner. Because your signage is part of your brand, we take extra care to resolve your issues on-site or with minimal disruption.

Is your sign in need of repair?

Broken Texas Steakhouse Outdoor Electric Sign

Our In-House Electricians Brings Expertise To Working With Sign Repairs.

Eddie Edwards has operated as a full-service Harrisonburg sign company since 1952. Our in-house crew allows us to develop deep expertise in all aspects of the sign business. If your sign needs bulb replacement or is half out, our electricians fix the problem and minimize future issues with proper electrical restoration.

Time And Budget Sensitive Repairs Get You Back To Your Brand With Less Fuss.

When your sign is in need of repair, it is not representing your brand to the fullest. Because you are our priority, our repair process and timeline take into account your time and budget. We are with you to protect your investment and keep your advertising and marketing assets earning you a return.

Expertise Helps Maximize Your Sign Repair Solution.

While we are repairing your sign, we offer consultations on how to maximize the marketing aspects of your sign. If you are dealing with mechanical issues, we can fix your sign or design a replacement to improve functionality. Our in-house design and manufacturing allow for custom solutions to improve sign performance.

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