Eddie Edwards Signs Provides Neon Sign Service For Your Aging Signs.

Neon signs provide a warm and inviting look and we are proud to continue our tradition of service for neon signs. Since 1952, Eddie Edwards Signs has been developing expertise in the sign industry. Our history with neon signs positions us as experts in servicing neon signs. If you have a neon sign or clock that needs repair, we can repair the neon glass and power supply.

We Restore and Refurbish Neon Signs For An Authentic Americana Look

Your neon sign may be part of your brand, referencing a particular era or cultural experience. As an integral aspect of your look, make the call to have the restoration or refurbishing done right at Eddie Edwards Signs. Vintage neon signs are a nod to where America has come from and that part of history inspires a particular sentiment easily recalled with working neon signs. Get your neon working for you today.

Neon Signs Go Way Back And So Do We.

Eddie Edwards Signs opened his sign shop in the heyday of neon signs, which took over lighting up the American landscape in the 50s and 60s. We are proud to contribute to the classic look of neon in the Shenandoah Valley as we celebrate our rich heritage. We offer expert quotes on all new neon work and estimates on all neon repair work.

If You Are Ready To Convert Neon To LED, We Are Your Sign Conversion Experts.

If your neon sign is ready to be a decoration more than a working part of your brand, we are able to convert neon signs to LED. For energy efficiency and safety, LED is becoming the new choice for sign illumination in the Valley.

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