Eddie Edwards Signs Specializes In Outdoor Signs That Work.

Since 1952 Eddie Edwards Signs has excelled at outdoor sign solutions in the Shenandoah Valley. We use durable materials and sound techniques for both manufacturing and installation to provide top-quality custom outdoor signs that work. We are adept at managing the many stakeholders involved when an outdoor sign project is at hand. From securing permits to adhering to government or Property Owners’ Association guidelines, we provide a seamless collaborative process with the customer. We understand how to make signs that communicate your brand and message in the most effective and legal way.

Experience Unlimited Customization With The Advantage Of In-House Manufacturing.

Our on-site shop with state-of-the-art technology and expert technicians makes your outdoor sign to fit. Name your size, shape, purpose, and location and we are able to provide the highest in customer service from design to manufacturing, permitting, installation, and maintenance. The customization process includes a variety of input from experienced designers, technicians, and installation crews. Our staff brings expertise and experience to your outdoor sign project. We offer:


Channel Letters

Directional Signs

Electric Signs

Electronic Message Signs

Vehicle Graphics

Printed Graphics

The Effective Placement Of Your Outdoor Signs Maximize Return.

Your outdoor sign is only as effective as its placement. At Eddie Edwards Signs, we apply our years of expertise in on-site visits to determine ideal placement for your outdoor signs. Modern technology and advanced equipment make outdoor sign installation safe and secure at any height. We effectively meet codes, regulations and safety requirements for both our signs and our people, assuring your sign installation is a smooth process. Your outdoor sign isn’t just aesthetic, it’s part of your brand and it should make you money by alerting customers to your business presence. We take pride in offering graphical solutions to your outdoor sign needs.

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