Remodeling? Don’t Forget Sign Maintenance!

Just like painting your building provides much needed refreshment after years of wear, your signs require upkeep to maintain your look. Fading and dirt accumulation can begin to dull the impact of your sign. Eddie Edwards Signs is a full-service Harrisonburg sign company since 1952. We take pride in all aspects of the sign industry, and our expertise includes sign maintenance. As long as you want your sign to work for you, we are here to service it.

Keep Your Brand Where You Want It To Be With A Refurbished Sign.

Sign maintenance varies depending on the sign. In the case of fading paint, we clean, prep and paint to refurbish the sign, bringing it back to life. We perform regular sign check ups that include washing and waxing your sign. We also manage regular maintenance for electronic signs, including wiping bulbs down, and cleaning sign faces to make them shine. Neon signs are slowly converting to LED illumination, but as long as there is a neon sign in the Valley, we’ll service neon.

Denny's Outdoor Electric Sign

We Maintain Area Lighting And Upgrade To LED Illumination To Keep Your Parking Lot Safe.

Area lighting, such as what is found in parking lots, is also part of our sign maintenance division. We change burned out parking lot lights and our Night Patrol Inspections program keeps your parking lots safely lit.  For lighting ready to change over to LED illumination, we perform conversions. We can fix what you have or change it to modern energy efficient illumination

As Local Industry Leaders In Equipment, We Have The Tools To Maintain Your Signs And Parking Lot Lighting.

Eddie Edwards Signs maintains a fleet of service vehicles that have capabilities to reach great heights and manage large jobs. Our local industry-leading equipment positions us to maintain your sign with precision.

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