The Cracked Pillar Pub allowed our company to create custom signage for their new establishment!

The rustic appearance of downtown Bridgewater, VA ties in perfectly with our new, but simple signage.

Taking a closer look, each curve and dip of the sign was custom made to emphasize the atmosphere of this brand new establishment. The sign does not lack character, as our company worked hard to embody the true spirit of this pub!

Do not let the historical appearance of these signs fool you! These signs were made with sturdy aluminum panels, which were then lettered with long lasting vinyl, and then assembled on steel posts, and in picture two, the hanging sign was assembled on an elegant metal bracket! Lighting was assembled to the top portion of the street sign to create, not only illumination, but a romantic ambiance to invite passer-byers .

Eddie Edwards Signs, Inc. is happy to have worked with one of our local vendors to create a custom sign for their new pub! We wish you all the best!